Everything around us needs to be redesigned with IoT (Internet-of-Things) in mind. It is estimated that more than 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies on the S&P 500 today will be extinct in the next decade. And in a few years, we won’t need to refer to devices as IoT enabled devices, all of the devices will be IoT enabled by default. The elimination of this barrier to entry creates an immense opportunity for innovation and entrepreneurship for anyone with an idea, anywhere in the world.

We had more unicorn startups in the last five years than ever before because of the opportunity Industry 4.0, the IoT and AI (Artificial Intelligence) created. Netronix Inc. developed one of the most prominent IoT platforms on the market by significantly reducing development costs and concept to market time by over 80%. Today, we are opening up this platform–the same platform that some of the biggest companies in the world use–to everyone else, making IoT a universal language.

To complete the Netronix ecosystem, we formed our accelerator group, Netronix Ventures, focusing on exponential growth and doing well by doing good. Any entrepreneur with an IoT idea can turn their concept into reality, disrupting Industry 4.0 and changing the world. And the ability to quickly bring a product into the market provides new companies with a head start. Most of the companies in our portfolio go from concept to market in as little as 6 months and turn cash flow positive in less than a year.

Do you have a brilliant IoT idea? Do you like the concept of exponential growth? Then let’s launch together.

Vasileios T. Nasis, Ph.D
Founder & Managing Director

Vasileios Nasis