Why airthinx

It enables you to see the air you breathe


Why envirothinx

It enables any environmental sensor to become part of IoT


Why driq

It improves quality of life for elderly people



It eliminates hydraulic system failures


We enable industry experts underlined to bring ideas that matter to life.

Entrepreneurship for Industry 4.0 underlined

Netronix Ventures (NV), like the exponent in our logo, represents exponential growth. In the new era marked by Industry 4.0, NV’s accelerator-as-a-service offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to turn their ideas into successful companies.

NV helps you:

  • - Cut the cost of R&D and time-to-market by over 85%
  • - Go concept-to-market in less than 6-months
  • - Develop a sustainable business model
  • - Build a manufacturing & supply chain
  • - Raise capital
About NV

Educate. Create. Inspire.

At NV we support entrepreneurs at all stages of their ventures by continuously motivating, inspiring, and educating them on how to create premier businesses.

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Take a look at how our companies are changing their respective industries in more ways than one.

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